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A Few Reasons Why People Sell Their Rental Property In Wichita

Let us be clear “Being a landlord is tough”, we know, we're in the land lording business too. No one likes dealing with bad tenants, major repairs, and dishonest people.

No one likes cleaning up after filthy people or spending huge sums to fix and repair the property. Especially when it's caused by the tenant.

Are you at that point in your life where you want to cash out and go in a different direction?

4 Basic Reason To Sell

1. Lazy tenants that are constantly paying late or not paying at all

2. You just found out that you need thousands of dollars to fix or repair the home

3. Negative cash flow. This is the worst... Every month you have pay the difference on the mortgage

4. Water damage is pretty common and fire damage is a deal breaker. It's so difficult to get the property back in rent ready condition

We're very familiar with most rental property situations. It's fairly common to see a property that is in need of repair and that’s where we come in. We buy in "As Is" condition which means you don't have to do anything.

If you have tenants with a current lease then we'll buy it with the tenants in place. This is great because it's a "Win - Win" situation.

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If you need flexibility or you're in a crunch, then work with a local home buyer or investor.

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