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Relocating For A Job? Here's A Simple Answer To Your Problems.

Do you need to sell your home quickly because of a job transfer? More than likely you don’t have the ability to pay 2 mortgages and the company isn’t footing the bill for the move.

Has it been a month or two and no offers have been made on the home? This is fairly common when it comes to relocation issues. We’d recommend finding or working with someone that can provide multiple options.

The traditional selling process is great when you have time… You don’t have time… So why are you going the traditional route?

3 Reasons Relocating And Selling The Home Is Tough

Sellers are cautious about fixing or repairing the home because they’re being transferred on their own dime. Money is tight and they just don’t have the free cash to spend on making the house perfect for a first time home buyer.

No equity or low equity is a problem. You’re moving on your dime and the agent has informed you that you’ll need to bring money to the closing table. What they failed to mention is an alternative way to sell the home. You can do a “subject to” home sale. Most agents don’t bring this up because they have no idea what it is.

If you have pets or a smoker lives in the house then you’re in for a difficult time. First time home buyers are the worst when it comes to nit picking a home to death. Your best bet is to work with someone that will take the property in its current condition.

So how can you avoid these problems and sell your house quickly? You should work with a local home buyer that offers more than the traditional home sale process. You have options but you’ll need to find someone that is creative.

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