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Learn How To Sell Your Inherited Property In Wichita

Inheriting a house is stressful and it comes with a whole new set of potential problems like; property taxes, insurance, vandalism, repairs, and up keep.

If you inherited a home from a family member then don't make the common mistake of becoming an amateur landlord. In most cases it won’t work and you'll be out a ton of cash. Being a landlord is tough and legal fees for evictions will cause you to have a headache.

Working with a local cash buyer will save you time and money and allows you to get back to your normal life.

Wichita House Buyers tries it's best to make the process as easy and as seamless. We understand that this time in your life is stressful. You need to work with us because we have the real estate experience to make the selling process simple and easy.

Common Reasons For Selling The Estate

  • Death in the Family? – A death in the family can create not only emotional distress, but also a large financial burden, especially when it results in a loss of income.
  • Major Repairs? – Investors are skilled at fixing distressed property. When most buyers run screaming from repairs, we have the ability to repair almost any situation.
  • Personal Items and Debris? – First time home buyers demand that the house is in “showing condition”. Investors can see past the clutter and recognize the true value of your house.

We buy houses all over Wichita and would love the opportunity to make you an offer on your inherited home. Contact me today to receive an offer within 24 hours. If you need a flexible close date then we'd be more than happy to give you at least a 60 day window.

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