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Looking To Delay Foreclosure On Your Wichita House?

You have options but you'll need to work quickly. Time is of the essence.

Has your adjustable rate mortgage reset? Are you experiencing a financial setback? You don't have to foreclose on you home.

We understand your situation, and that is why we are willing to help.

  • We can help to stop or delay foreclosure in the early stages. The solution we offer is simple and easy. Basically, we pay off the mortgage. It's that simple.
  • No property is too big or too small. If you're worried about the location then you shouldn't be. We buy all over Wichita, KS. Keep in mind we can only assist in the early stages.
  • If you're working with an agent then you have nothing to worry about. If we can make the purchase of your home work then we'll pay the commission.
  • Negative equity, low equity or no equity - we can probably help. Have you heard of the term “subject to”? If you answered "NO" then let's setup a time to talk. We can walk you through the process over a cup of coffee.

Whatever your current situation is, we have a solution that will work. The earlier you start addressing the issue the better.

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